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Help Computers Services was created to be a Computer Repair Shop helping  people in their difficult moment with Technology and find the best solution to fixing their problems. A complete suite of Windows computers and Laptops, iMacs and MacBooks, Wi-fi solutions. 

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As the main purpose of the business, offering a reasonable price, honestly showing the client their options and advising to the best solution. We provide the best service option by offering excellence and quality with a friendly and simple English approach. 

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 Help Computers offers Mobile On Site services in the comfort of your home or at your business. Pick up and Delivery services are available upon booking. 


Our high end gear will quickly find out the issue and provide you the best and competitive rates from the market. Help Computers partnered with the best suppliers in Australia to only provide original and genuine product parts. 

Computer Circuit Board
Computer Circuit Board

21 years of experience helping and changing how people and business relate with technology.


Technology changes our life daily and since 2001        I have been giving support to anyone that needs assistance or a better experience with their devices. The Brazilian background taught me that I could be the source of change and make technology accessible  not to a few people but to everyone, once well explained and making it simpler to use.

 My dad brought a computer home when I was young (which was  too hard to get access and way too expensive) and tolme me: "Learn, get used with it quickly because in the near future it could be a difference in your carrer". The result of the first night. I’ve stripped the entire computer into parts to rebuild it and learn how the things were set up. We had to take it back to the shop but I still  kept the  memory of that day. The owner of the shop took me to the lab and explained how important was every part of the computer and he said to my father to enrol me in a technician preparation course. In 2002, I was 12 years officially I have turned a Computer Repair Technician.

Nice to e-meet you. I am looking forward to helping you soon. I created this business to empower you to have the best possible experience with technology you can have.