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Our services 

We go on site, pick your device up and we will follow up via SMS once the service is quoted or ready for delivery.


We offer

All types of computer repair (laptop, desktop, PC, iMacs, MacPro..)

Data & Storage Services

Business set up


You May have this Questions...

Computer is not Turning on ?

Computer show message error and don’t get into SO ?

Computer Turns on but show only black screen ?

Broken Screen ?

Touch Screen does not work ?

Water damage to Spilled Liquid (any liquid) ? 

Battery problems ? 

Computers does not charge ?

Upgrade of performance or changing disks at risk of failure? 

Viruses and MalWares ?

Data Extraction from a old computer ? 

Installation and upgrade of HD to SSD ? 

Windows major updates and clean up? 

MacOS system update and cleanup ? 

Migration from PC to MAC ? 

Migration from MAC to PC? 

IOS Set ups ?

Complete backup in External Device?

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Let us help you. Honest price, fast solutions.